JST Vinnova Japan-Sweden Joint Workshop, Multidisciplinary BIO


Protein subcellular localization and related topics

held in collaboration with BiWO2011 at CBRC

January 25th 2012, Tokyo, Japan

10:00-10:20  Paul Horton         A smörgåsbord of sorting signal prediction work
10:20-10:50  Tomoyoshi Nozaki    Evolutional divergence of function and import of the mitochondria
10:50-11:10  Kenichiro Imai      Sequence Analysis of Mitosomal Outer Membrane Proteins in Entamoeba histolytica
11:10-11:30  Sikander Hayat      BOCTOPUS: An improved topology prediction method for transmembrane β-barrel proteins
11:30-12:00  Toshiya Endo        Assembly of the TOM40 translocator complex in the mitochondrial outer membrane

--------------------  LUNCH  --------------------

14:00-14:45  Gunnar von Heijne   Unravelling the physical basis of membrane protein assembly using non-proteinogenic amino acids
14:45-15:15  Hiroaki Suga        Genetic code reprogramming and beyond
15:15-15:45  Astrid Gräslund     Cell penetrating peptides and their membrane interactions: biophysical models for mechanistic insight
15:45-16:00    ------  Coffee Break  ------
16:00-16:30  Naoko Imamoto       Diversity of nucleocytoplasmic transport pathways: its physiological significances
16:30-17:00  Arne Elofsson       Multidomain protein evolution and orphans
Collage Photo of Workshop Speakers